Placing between the perform quality of objets d'art and their printing costs on canvas, "Il quadro della Situazione" utilizes different tools for the their realization, in a path between the materialism of the painting and the immaterialism of the "fine-art".

The international artistic tradition joins the new technology with a particular attention on the implementation details.
The original features of the paintings, like the materiality, the cromatism, the wear time, are created through a meticulous procedure that combines antique workmanship products with a rigorous scientific technique. The result is a high quality object, durable in time, which maintains unaltered its characteristics and properties.

Every product is unique and original, realized by high-qualified artisans, accordingly with the most noble "Made in Italy" tradition.
A careful evaluation of the artwork supports is performed by designing and treating them accordingly to the most recognizedtraditional painting methods.
These different supports are linen/cotton/canvas, superior quality wood board,fresco and art paper manually refined.

Every work of art reproduced, perserves its peculiar characteristic of originality, even if could present imperfections that are considered of the qualities with added value due to work done by a manual treatment.
It is possible to customize every type of artwork, requiring personalized dimension and support, for the digital fresco "Tattoo Wall" too.
Limited edition copies for artist are available.